John Levin, a middle-aged, twice-divorced English Literature professor is in Copenhagen where he hopes to change his life by writing a novel. This plan takes a turn when he meets a sexy young Lithuanian beauty, a tour guide in Copenhagen. Reciprocating his obvious interest she joins him in a Lolita-like affair which escalates even as Levin's obsession with the Holocaust surfaces.

For years he has been haunted by the image in a photo he has of a Lithuanian “partisan” who was an executioner of Jews (possibly including Levin's own relatives) in the beginning of World War II. Levin's plans change when he learns by coincidence that this man is still alive, is a decorated Lithuanian war hero, and lives close by his young Lolita's estranged family in Lithuania. Determined to hunt him down, the action intensifies as they both return to her home and her parents.


“The blankness of his prose parallels and accentuates the mute desperation of his characters....The man can write.”

Village Voice

“The stories are skillfully executed in the finest tradition of short story writing, and their characters are us, in their plight.”

Norbert Blei, Milwaukee Journal

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