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Chicago attorney and author Lowell B. Komie has practiced law for over fifty years. He also has written fiction for fifty years. 
As Professor James R. Elkins of West Virginia University's College of Law and Editor, Legal Studies Forum has written, “While there are any number of lawyers who manage to practice law for three or four decades, few do so while establishing themselves as major writers. And if Lowell Komie is not today widely viewed as one of our best contemporary writers of legal fiction, he should be.”
Mr. Komie has authored six collections of short stories, six novels, and a novella. In addition to being selected for the aforementioned awards, his work has also appeared in several anthologies, literary quarterlies, scholarly journals, and various newspapers and magazines, including Harper’s, Legal Studies Forum, Chicago Magazine, the Chicago Tribune Magazine, and the Milwaukee Journal Magazine. Komie’s legal stories are taught in law schools in the United States, Canada, and the Netherlands.
A graduate of the University of Michigan, B.A. 1951, and the Northwestern University School of Law, J.D. 1954,  Komie is pictured here with his wife, Mary Lou Schwall-Komie, whose paintings and photographs appear on several of his covers.

Hotel Europejski

The Humpback of Lodz

The Legal Fiction of Lowell B. Komie

A Lawyer’s Notes

The Fiction of Lowell B. Komie

In the Fear Zone

Conversations with a Golden Ballerina

The Last Jewish Shortstop in America

The Night Swimmer -

A Man in London

The Silhouette Maker of Copenhagen

The Lawyer’s Chambers and Other Stories

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Published fall 2013
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Italia - a Collection of Six Stories

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Honors and awards

American Bar Association

Oxford University Press & USHMM

Selected by the Friends of the Chicago Public Library, 1995 for The Lawyers Chambers and Other Stories

1998, from Independent Publisher magazine, for his novel, The Last Jewish Shortstop in America

The Judge’s Chambers was the first work of fiction published in the history of the ABA, 1983

Hotel Europejski, The Silhouette Maker of Copenhagen, and The American Bookstore of Paris have been each been listed in the Oxford/United States Holocaust Memorial Museum joint publication, Holocaust and Genocide Studies

The Speed Skater

of Amsterdam