David Freund, a retired bookseller from San Francisco, is in Paris. At breakfast, over coffee, he sees an ad in the Herald Tribune for an English language bookstore. The purchase includes a smaller store in south central France. In a café in the Place des Vosges, he meets a lovely English woman, Kathryn Bingham, who works at the British embassy in Paris. Their friendship deepens as she encourages Freund to purchase both stores. The Paris store is in the heart of the Marais, near the Holocaust museum with its wall of 76,000 names. Freund struggles with the idea as he discovers the complicity of the French police in the murder of 76,000 Jews, including 11,000 Jewish children.


“Komie’s work is rich in the traditional storytelling of Isaac Singer; sometimes rollicking in the humor and passion of Philip Roth; with prose running as clear as Hemingway; with background voices tangled at times in Kafkaesque conundrums. But he is pure Komie. Read an opening sentence or two from any one of his stories and he is impossible to put down.”

Norbert Blei, After Hours

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