Set in Chicago, Warsaw, Krakow and London in the 1980s, The Humpback of Lodz is a story of intrigue, romance and suspense. A man and a woman search for their own identities. He is a divorced, Jewish, American law professor. She is Catholic, Polish, a younger woman, an economics professor, and a member of the Solidarnosc underground wanted by the secret police. A love story mixed with hate, fear, and revulsion in the dark shadow of the Holocaust. A man and a woman caught in the net of martial law and running from the police and each other.


“Komie is at last being hailed as one of the best short story writers in the country.”

Arthur Shay, North Shore Magazine

“The stories are skillfully executed in the finest tradition of short story writing, and their characters are us, in their plight.”

Norbert Blei, Milwaukee Journal

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