Winner of the 1998 Small Press Award, The Last Jewish Shortstop in America is a comic novel set on Chicago's North Shore where David Epstein, a fortyish divorced father of two, behind on his alimony and child support, has built and promoted a gigantic Hall of Fame for Jewish sports heroes. It stands nine stories high, built of glass in the shape of the Star of David. The gigantic Star of David is suffused with a gently glowing Chagall blue light that glows at the edge of the expressway and is visible for miles. The Star is solar activated and turns slowly as it radiates its blue light into the suburban darkness. The story takes place in Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Ann Arbor, Toronto, and Montreal, where the Shortstop plays his graceful game in the streets and the casinos and in the huge, empty dark stadiums.


"The Last Jewish Shortstop in America is just too good to pass up.”

Raymond Coffey, Chicago Sun-Times

“ ‘I teach a course which begins with Emma Lazarus over a century ago and comes up to the present. Students wanted more Jewish-American literature from outside the East Coast. Shortstop’s Midwestern locale has been a hit with students, who enjoy the chapter set at the U-M and its late-night scene that takes place

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in the Michigan Stadium. The book touches on a number of key issues in the course: assimilation; the pros and cons of the success of the Jews in America; language; ethnicity; conflict between generations; post-Holocaust and others. But the main reason is that it’s a great read.’ ”

George Bornstein

Professor Emeritus of Literature, University of Michigan